The United States is falling behind in the cyber scramble and the gap is only widening at a faster pace. On almost a weekly basis, other countries with more advanced cyber resources and skills infiltrate our government’s information control systems, banking and email systems, electric, water and telecommunications systems, and US companies that do business on a global scale.

Cyber Security Demand

As a country, we are facing a shortage of quality IT and cyber security professionals. It's harder to find candidates with the up-to-date skills now needed to fill information systems and cyber security jobs to protect our systems from these cyber attacks.

Our significant deficit of specialized professionals in this field renders us unable to:

  • Foresee most attacks
  • Identify all of what has been stolen
  • Locate which systems have been infected 
  • Eradicate the infections
  • Climb the cyber totem pole to global domination of the cyber space

Closing the Security Gap

Fortunately, more and more new graduates and college students are choosing careers in cyber security. This could be for many reasons, from genuine interest and natural skills to the increasingly prosperous cyber security jobs outlook. With the proper education and training, young professionals can help improve our cyber standing. 

We do know one thing: the longer the cyber race continues, the more important these cyber security jobs will become to all computerized companies, businesses, and organizations.

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