IT and Cyber Security

As most corporations and computerized organizations already know, cyber security has become a significant problem on a global scale and is only getting stronger. Cyber attackers from around the world continue to enhance their infiltration methods to be stealthier and more advanced than many of our defenses. The key is for us to hire the most qualified, up-and-coming IT and cyber security talent in the industry to keep our data protected and systems running smoothly.

The Challenge

Although the IT industry is booming with new cyber-savvy IT professionals graduating and searching for entry level cyber security jobs every year, the general quality and competency of this pool of hopefuls is much less promising. In fact, finding the information technology and cyber security talent perfect for your needs is becoming increasingly difficult, costly, and time-consuming to do without the proper help.

Online job boards, Craigslist, career fairs and generalized recruiting firms may seem tempting to use because they are simple, cheap, and you receive applicants fast. However, you’ll find many of these cyber security job applicants don’t have the qualifications they claimed to have. Your employment time for these individuals or days-till-hacking-incident may be reduced significantly if you make a decision without doing all of your homework first.

InfoStaff: Your Solution

The dedicated, experienced recruiters at InfoStaff are actively finding the best IT and cyber security talent in the industry for positions our clients may need. We use our in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing industry, our clients’ needs, and our state-of-the-art recruiting resources to recruit the best candidates for our database and make the best matches for both our clients and the candidates. Our candidates are all peer reviewed and must be in the top 20% of their skill set to make it into our database. They’re also given a rigorous test to gauge level of skill.

When you come to us looking to fill a position, we’ll take time to narrow down our pool of highly qualified candidates, taking into consideration personality, individual experience and skill level, to ensure we deliver you options tailored for you.

Once you begin interviewing, we monitor the process to confirm both the candidate and company alike are comfortable with the each other. We measure our success by client satisfaction and making an overall successful, long-lasting match.   

If you’re in need of a reliable IT or cyber security professional, contact us. Your future hire is in our database waiting for that perfect job match!